Serving Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair Counties

The Preschool Karate Program serves many different daycares in the tri-county region. Each daycare simply provides a mutually agreed upon workout space, and time to hold class, and then Sensei Ken Valentine (“Sensei” is Japanese for teacher) comes to teach class to the students enrolled. Parents pay the Okinawan Karate School monthly tuition for their 3, 4 or 5 year old child to attend a 30 minute class once a week… At the daycare during their normal school day!

Along with basic technique, students learn basic physical fitness skills such as body awareness, eye-hand/eye-foot coordination and balance. In addition, the students learn respect for their Sensei (teacher), their classmates and themselves. Sensei incorporates basic Japanese commands and counting in each lesson, as well as proper karate etiquette. Through each class confidence in self is emphasized, as well as the importance of good sportsmanship and proper place and time for karate.

Most students chose to purchase a gi (traditional karate uniform) for their child to wear, although it is not required. At least once per school year the students even get to use their fist to break a board!

Achievement stripes are awarded at the end of each month and placed on the child’s obi(belt).  After the 5th stripe the child is eligible to test for their next belt.  This last stripe (the blue stripe) is for discipline and it not associated with any type of technique, just listening to and being respectful to the teacher and parents.

If you are interested in the karate program coming to your child’s preschool, please contact Sensei Valentine at 618-560-9529.