This women’s fitness class led by Sensei Ken Valentine is held on Saturdays from 8 a.m.  It is held at the Waterloo Dojo only.

The focus of the class is fitness, stress reduction and self-defense. There is no need for previous martial arts experience and any fitness level is welcome. Typical workout clothing is required, but workouts are done barefoot and with fitness/bag gloves.

Although every fitness class is unique, there are some exercises targeted regularly, class drills include: kicking and punching the large karate bags, cardio drills, core exercises along with upper body and leg strengthening through a variety of fun and challenging exercises.

Stretching during warm-up and cool-down is routine, and self defense is included frequently.

Bring a water bottle, get ready to sweat, have lots of laughs, and transform your body!

For more information please contact Sensei Ken Valentine at 618-560-9529.